Raymond Noesen - Artist

About "Still Lives"

   "Still Lives" are different from still lifes. Traditional still lifes contain a group of objects that the artist puts together to either make a pretty picture or a statement.

   In this group of work I focus on the objects depicted as having a life of their own. A life that ofen outlives ours and is currently at a stand still. Some of the objects have already had multiple lives. They are objects that were originally made for a particular place at a particular time. That time has past and now the objects are in transition of being one thing to becoming another. Once an object is taken from it's original place It's original context has been removed. As the object waits for that new life to begin, they can make an unintended statement about our current social, political and economic conditions. As a result, the paintings simultaneously speak to the viewer in past, present and future terms depending on what the viewer brings to the table.

The objects used in my paintings are not put together by me. They are objects I have found in antique stores, resale shops, prop shops and auction houses that are put on display by someone else who may or may not have intended any commentary when doing so. In a sence they are found still lifes. Or just "Still Lives "

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